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Our Mission

Skid Row-kyo’s mission is to program and schedule events that will bring the “Spirit and Culture” of Little Tokyo, the “Creativity, Imagination and Inspiration” of the Artist District and the “Compassion and Humanity” of Los Angeles’s Skid Row District together in harmony, solidarity and unity.   


Our History

Skid Row-kyo is named after a section of downtown Los Angeles where the intersections of Little Tokyo, the Artist District and Skid Row converge.     

Skid Row-kyo is a non-religious, not for profit organization based out of Little Tokyo in DTLA. Its mission is driven by the spirit of culture and community to bring people together, promoting the arts and helping those in need.     

Holiday Blanket Distribution Christmas Eve

Volunteers distribute blankets to our neighbors who call the sidewalks of Skid Row home.  Our neighbors on Skid Row are people just trying to survive.  Without judgement, we share, care and be there for those in need.  We are the Skid Row-kyo Mission.

Holiday Blanket Distribution Christmas Morning

Breaking with tradition we ventured out of Skid Row to LA City Hall.  A homeless man died just a week before this video was taken.  In remembrance of all homeless people who have died on the sidewalks of DTLA we distrbuted blankets at City Hall and the surrounding area.  On average 3 homeless people die daily on the streets of Skid Row and DTLA.

Life on skidrow...

Young resident calls the sidewalks of skidrow home.  OUR brothers and sisters survive the streets by bounding together.  We all have in common life's struggles.  SHARE  CARE  and Be THERE when others need help...

Always a NEED. "Run Outs" is a reality...

We collect bottled water, blankets, snack food, etc. to distribute to our homeless neighbors.  Sadly no matter how much we collect the NEED always exceeds the supply.  Contact us if you have something you wish to have directly distributed to our neighbors who call the sidewalks of Skid Row home.  Bottled water, blankets, packaged food, T-shirts, etc.  You collect it, we will deliver it.  We have 20+ years delivering directly to our Neighbors of Skid Row.

Little Tokyo + Arts District + Skid Row = Skid Row-kyo

Skid Row-kyo Cherry Blossom Festival.  Little Tokyo and the Arts District coming together to support Skid Row.  Communities working together and making a difference...   If you need help with a event or would like to partner with us in a mission or project feel free in contacting us.   

Pets that live among the homeless

In 2020 we will start a new  mission collecting food, grooming supplies, bedding, medicine,  etc.  for pets that live among the Homeless on Skid Row.  Let us  know if you would like to participate as a volunteer collecting and/or distribution of items.  

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